Documentary: Breathtaking story of camel trekker N.Baigalmaa

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Young Mongolian adventurer N.Baigal initiated camel trekking along ancient Silk Road to cover 7500 miles by camel from Mongolia to UK. She aimed to promote nomadic culture and role of camels in developing world renowned caravan route. Based on her expertise in the tourism industry and pursuing her dream, Baigal braved winter freezing weather to take on tough for a young fragile woman challenges of traveling through the territory of Mongolia and Central Asian countries with 10 camels. We are presenting an interesting story about her travel, challenges she faced, and exciting memories left behind.


N.Baigalmaa plans to commence Gobi Challenge-2020 camel ride tour. Trekkers will travel 691 km of distance within 30 days through most beautiful destinations of Southern Gobi province of Mongolia. According To Baigalmaa, Gobi Challenge-2020 participants will be braving winter freezing weather to overcome 691 km of distance within 30 days. Thereby, they will be cooking and camping by their own. A total of 15 participants will be challenged.

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