Gobi Challenge-2020 camel trip to cover 691 km in 30 days

Bolor | Chinggis.info

The national content developer “Erkhet Mongol” in association with N.Baigalmaa, a camel trekker plans to commence Gobi Challenge-2020 camel ride tour. Trekkers will travel 691 km of distance within 30 days through most beautiful destinations of Southern Gobi province of Mongolia. The brand new TV content draws well-known persons from arts, culture, sports, political and social areas. The Gobi Challenge-2020 aimed to raise of public awareness of protecting Gobi nature and ecosystem, promoting winter tourism and camel caravan culture will be aired in over 10 countries of Asia and Europe. The organizers of the event are set to make it international travel brand.

According To Baigalmaa, Gobi Challenge-2020 participants will be braving winter freezing weather to overcome 691 km of distance within 30 days. Thereby, they will be cooking and camping by their own. A total of 15 participants will be challenged.


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