Mongolia is taking response measures over coronavirus spread in China

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Mongolia’s government held an extraordinary meeting to take response measures over novel coronavirus spread in its neighboring China.

Thus, all educational institutes including universities, secondary schools and kindergartens are closed until March 2nd. Moreover, it has also temporally closed border checkpoints for auto vehicles and pedestrian traffic as well as cancelled all public events, including sports events. To meet increasing students’ flow from Ulaanbaatar to rural areas, extra transports are to be deployed. As of January 27th, a total of 2695 passengers has left Ulaanbaatar city in 60 directions by 77 transport means.

Meanwhile, the health ministry highly recommends all people to wear masks. In consideration of high risk, Mongolian health institutes are working under emergency preparedness regime 24 hours a day. The National Research Center for Communicable Diseases has a laboratory meeting international standards and affiliated with global lab network.  It is capable to identify 21 types of viruses. Despite no case of coronavirus infection is registered in Mongolia, the National Center has prepared 50 beds which will be increased by 150 in case of emergency situation. The best medical personnel are deployed.

On January 28th, Mongolia expects diagnostic tests from Japan.

In consideration of coronavirus spread risk, a decision will be taken on time whether to cancel celebration of Lunar New Year to be marked in Mongolia on February 25.

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