Natural site: Bulgan Mount

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The picturesque mountain located on the northern part of Tsetserleg town, Arkhangai province was taken under the protection of the state as a nature reserve upon a decree of the presidium of People’s Great Khural of then Mongolian People’s Republic in 1965.

Bulgan mount is elevated to 1980 meters above the sea level. Adjacent to the northen side of the Bulgan two rocky ranges covered with trees are named mid Bulgan and north Bulgan. Three Bulgan mounts stretch 2.5-3 km to the north to join the Khamar ranges on the west northern part of which there is a Toom hill reaching the altitude of 2125 meter.

The northern part of the nature reserve is home to various wild animals such as deer, roe deer, musk deer, lynx and boar. Wild strawberries, blackcurrant, gooseberry, buckhorn plantain, thermopsis, wormwood, thyme and other herbal plants are widely found here.

It is also home to several historical monuments. On the front side of Bulgan Mount, there is an image of Buddha depicted in XVIII-XIX centuries which has well preserved to these days. There are also a large number of various stone monuments can be found there.


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