THE HU band awarded with Chinggis Order

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On the occasion of the 857th birth anniversary of Chinggis Khaan, founder of the Great Mongol Empire, and Day of National Pride, The Hu Hunnu rock band was awarded with Chinggis Order, the highest prize of Mongolian state under a decree of the President of Mongolia, Kh.Battulga.

Ahead of granting the award, state  leader Kh.Battulga said, “The most prestigious award is bestowed  on The Hu, who reached out further than Great Khaan, are promoting rich cultural heritage and glorying their motherland throughout the world. All Mongolians are proud of you.”

The Oder was handed over to B.Dashdondog, producer of The Hu.

The Hu was founded in 2016 to debut its first ever song late 2018. Its Wolf Totem song was watched 20 million times. The Hu’s first ever album named The Gerege was released this September to declare Hunnu Rock to the entire world.


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