Chinggis Khaan honored on Day of National Pride

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Mongolia celebrates 857th birth anniversary of Chinggis Khaan, founder of Mongol Empire, as the Day of National Pride on the first day of the first winter month each year. This year it falls on November 27.

Celebration of the Day of National Pride to honor Chinggis Khaan’s legacy each year was set out by President’s decree in 2012.

On this day, a ceremony is held to award the highest prize of the Mongolian state –Chinggis Order to distinguished persons for their outstanding merits and deed in strengthening sovereignty and national solidarity, studying and promoting statehood traditions, history and cultural heritage. Established in 2005, the Chinggis Order was not awarded in 2007, 2008 and 2018. But this year, The Hu rock band was bestowed the highest prize of the Mongolian state.

On this day, national wrestling competition with participation of 128 wrestlers was held as well.

According to National Statistics Committee, there are 7590 people with the name Temuujin /childhood name of Chinggis Khaan/ and 620 people with the name Chinggis.


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