Mongolia marks Republic Day

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On November 26th Mongolia marked the 95th anniversary of adoption of the first Constitution of Mongolia and Proclamation of Republic.

95 years ago, a total of 77 representatives from all aimags and khoshu /county/ of Mongolia congregated in the capital city to convene the first People Khural /assembly/. Over 15 days, the meeting had discussed the first draft constitution which sets out changing Mongolia from theocratic monarchy into republic by abolishing feudal system. The congress was resulted in adopting the first Constitution of Mongolia on November 26th, 1924.

In the course of its history, Mongolia has adopted its Constitution four times. Last time it was in 1992, when the first democratic Constitution was passed. Since it has failed to regulate changes in social relations, the Mongolian Parliament has worked on its amendments over ten years to finally adopt new amendments.

On this day, the President of Mongolia, Mr. Battulga Khaltmaa signed the amendments. The parliament discussed the draft 36 times over a total of 105.9 hours. Citizens delivered 306 thousand proposals as the draft was presented nationwide.

On this occasion, a ceremony was held by state and government leaders to lay wreathes at the monument to D.Sukhbaatar and tributes were paid to statue of Chinggis Khaan at the central square of Ulaanbaatar city.

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