Mongolia welcomes 480 thousand tourists

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As of the first three quarters of this year, Mongolia was visited by 480 thousand tourists that is 10.7 percent more than in previous year. Of total number of tourists, 6168 percent came from East Asia and the Pacific region, 31.4 percent from Europe, 4.5 percent from Americas, 2.3 percent from Near East, South Asia and Africa. China was on top by the number of its tourists who traveled Mongolia.

The government of Mongolia has set a goal of receiving one million foreign tourists in 2020 to yield one billion USD profit from the tourism industry which is provided for in the Mongolia’s Sustainable Development Concept until 2030. Moreover, the government pursues developing tourism industry through allocating certain parts of revenues of the mining sector for this purpose.

In the year of 2018, Mongolia hosted 529.9 thousand tourists. This year, the number is expected to up, according to the ministry of environment and tourism.


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