Young monks plant trees on Bogdkhan Mount

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JCI Eco has wrapped up the national campaign for protection of Bogdkhan Mountain Reserve and Young Forest project activity for the year of 2019. The campaign launched in 2018 will last for 15-20 years.

In support of the campaign 50 young monks from the Gandantegchinlen Monastery planted trees on Bogdkhan Mount whereas the ministry of environment and tourism donated 300 trees for the Young Forest project.

In the scopes of the campaign JCI Eco plans to create plantation forests both in traditional way and with help of modern technologies and agrotechnological methods. The Bogdkhan Mountain Reserve has been chosen as module for next project charted to keep, protect and restore ecological balance to be carried out in rural areas.

53.1 percent of the total area of Bogdkhan Mountain Reserve or 22129 hectares of are are covered with forests. Young forests account for only three percent of larch forests and 17 percent of the spruce-fir forests total area whereas there is no young cedar forest at all. This attests natural regeneration process lacks in this area.


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