Campaign for responsible mining kicks off nationwide

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National discussion dubbed “Nature and Responsible Mining” kicked off Tuesday nationwide. The campaign for responsible mining is carried out by civil movements who have succeeded in having a decision taken by the government on state protection of Tost and Toson Bumba ranges.

Officially launched in Chinggis town of Khentii province, the discussion will continue in all 21 provinces of Mongolia. Co-hosted by NGOs for responsible mining and environmental protection, the discussion is to address pressing issues related to mining activities in the provinces.

Local authorities and residents have taken active parts in the discussion which discussed reports on “Mongolian Mining-Resource Curse” by D.Enkhbat, head of the “Drastic Reform” movement, ”Be the owners of earth and land” by Ts.Bayaraa, board chairman of “Bosoo Mongol” NGO, “Control over Responsible Mining” by D.Gerelgua, mine surveyor, consulting engineer of Mongolia, and “Renewable Development and Legal Regulations in Mining” by B.Dolgor, head of the Mongolian Association of Women.

The “Nature and Responsible Mining” discussion is to continue in Choibalsan town, Dornod province on September 26th and Baruun-Urt town, Sukhbaatar province on September 27th.


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