Illegal gold mining stopped in Selenge province

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Set up by the Government of Mongolia, a working group consisting of representatives of the General Intelligence Agency, General Police Department, State Professional Inspection Agency and Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia worked in Selenge province on September 16-17th. The working group is led by N.Tserenbat, Minister of Environment and Tourism.

Recently, the Government of Mongolia has taken a decision to abrogate special licenses of those mining companies activities of which is detrimental to natural environment and cause ecological imbalance. Under the decision, local authorities have been tasked to take measures on reclaiming abandoned mining sites. In the course of 20 days, the working group has supervised the implementation of the decision and detected some breaches.

The working group, in particular, revealed 47 local residents who were engaged in illegal gold mining on the territory of Eroo soum, Selenge province, and has seven excavators and other mining equipment confiscated.


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