Businesspeople from Mongolia, China and Russia congregate in Manzhouli city

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The first ever Mongolia-China-Russia business forum was held in Manzhouli city, China on September 10-12.

Attended by over 500 business delegates from the three countries, the forum aimed at accelerating the process of building economic corridor covering territories of the three countries within Chinese Belt and Road initiative, promoting regional growth and tourism, and opening up new business opportunities.

During the meeting, Orkhon and Khuvsgul provinces of Mongolia established business contacts with Manzhouli city. With a population of 300 thousand, Manzhouli city hosts eight million tourists per year. The city is interested in cultivating fruitful cooperation with Mongolian and Russian businesspeople in various spheres, including tourism. Besides traditional cooperation areas, the parties made a focus on implementing joint projects in such nontraditional fields as medical tourism and innovation-based business which would contribute to the regional growth.

On the sidelines of the forum, the 16th scientific and technological expo was also staged in Manzhouli city. This year’s tripartite event brought together representatives of scientific and educational institutions for the first time.  

The Mongolia-Russia-China business forum will be hosted annually in regional cities. Thus, the Republic of Buryatia, Russia will be a venue of the next forum.

This year’s forum was resulted in signing over ten project documents between the three countries.

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