Int’l conference of landlocked countries kicks off in Ulaanbaatar

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An international conference themed “Partnership for improving innovation and technology capability of landlocked and least developed countries” kicked off Monday in Ulaanbaatar.

Co-hosted by the International Think Tank for LLDCs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, World Intellectual Property Organization, and Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia, the conference is addressing development challenges of LLDCs, strategy for effective utilization of scientific and technical information as well as providing a platform for landlocked developing and least developed countries’ specialists to share their expertise on innovation and technology matters.

In his opening remarks, D.Davaasuren, Foreign Ministry State Secretary briefed the participants on activities the Government of Mongolia carries out in the areas of innovation and technologies and thanked LLDCs for steady support and cooperation with International Think Tank for LLDCs which is the first international organization to be based in Mongolia.

Specialists from Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mongolia are attending the meeting.


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