Mongolia marks 98th anniversary of Armed Forces

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Today /18.03.2019/, Mongolia is marking the 98th anniversary of the Armed Forces and the Day of Servicemen. On this occasion, a ceremony was held to lay wreathes at the monument to D.Sukhbaatar with participation of the Minister of Defense of Mongolia, N.Enkhbold.

This day, the President of Mongolia and Commander-in-Chief of Mongolian Armed Forces, Mr. Kh.Battulga, Defense Minister N.Enkhbold and Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh delivered greetings congratulating all who has served and are serving for their motherland.

The history tells Mongolian People’s Army with assistance of the Red Army freed Kyahta city from Kuomintang army on March 18, 1921, paving the path to ensuring Mongolia’s independence and sovereignty. The victory of the Mongolian People’s Army in Kyahta city has been celebrated since 1946 as the Day of Mongolia’s Armed Forces. Since 2003, it is marked as the Day of Servicemen of Mongolia.

Today, Mongolian servicemen are making contribution to international mission through taking active part in international peace building and keeping operations in various corners of the world. Since 2002 which was the first time for 180 Mongolian peacekeepers to take part in Iraqi Freedom operation, over 15 thousand Mongolian servicemen have joined international peacekeeping missions so far. By now, Mongolian peacekeepers are performing their missions in Sierra Leone, Iraq, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Western Sahara, Afghanistan, Liberia, Chad, and South Sudan.

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